Joanna Iga Niemiec-Restrepo

Joanna Iga Niemiec-Restrepo

Designer / Project Coordinator

Technical University of Vienna; Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Grew up:
Southern Poland (Cracow & Rzeszow)

Employment History:
Babysitter, Waitress, Museum Hostess, Team Leader for children's summer activities, Pilates Trainer, Drafter, Planner, Activist, Project Coordinator

When I’m not working, I enjoy:

Time with my husband and my son. Discovering Colorado through biking and hiking. Cooking. Chatting with my friends.

Favorite places in Colorado:
Eben G. Fine Park playground in Boulder to play with my son; Rocky Mountain National Park

Favorite examples of architecture:
Wotruba Church by Fritz Wotruba, Modernist Architecture of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water, Hundertwasser House - representing architecture in harmony with nature and man